Andrew Miller



30 May , 2018

Watched (DVD Artificial Eye) Pawel Pawlikowski's 2013 film 'Ida'. The film is set in the Poland of the early 1960s and is shot in black and white. Ida is an orphan raised in a convent about to take her vows. Before she takes her vows - and takes her leave of the outer world - she is sent by the mother superior to meet her one living relative, a feisty and boozy aunt who has some big news for Ida. The film is stunning. Honed down to the bone, deeply moving, quietly shocking, this is the best thing I've seen since Jonathan Glazer's 'Under the Skin'. Pawlikowski's new film is called 'Cold War' and is just out. Hope it gets a wide release. In a world of wall-to wall Marvel it's deeply encouraging to find such beautiful, grown up film-making.

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