Andrew Miller

The Land in Winter.

I have, as a blogger, clearly failed. Six years since my last post! 2018 feels strangely innocent. Looked at from this side of the river it appears a land at peace, untroubled. Did it feel like that at the time? Probably not. But once again I find myself at the end of a long project […]

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You must work it out for yourself

You have finished. Yes, this time you have really finished. It's done. They won't let you touch it. It's yours of course, but it's also theirs - perhaps theirs more than yours. Anyway, you hardly think about it anymore. When you do you wince. Nothing about it is quite right. You cannot love it (though […]

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Could it be 'of'?

Coming close to signing off on the new book, I have a long phone conversation with my editor, mostly to do with prepositions. Language, stared at, does not stay still. Under the microscope little words have tiny tails, they wriggle. The sense then that language has a grammar, that grammar is made up of rules, […]

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Growing a face

I suppose one thing the world really doesn't need is another blog but then the world has so many things it doesn't need and seems to bear up under the weight of them so here goes. The new website is intended to catch hold of fragments - reviews, essays, interviews - that deal with my […]

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