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'All Miller's novels create alternative worlds in which their author experiments with emotional and moral concerns. Through his hyper-real evocation of the times and places, he invites us to join in these experiments...[The novel] throws out big ideas with such a lightness of touch that it is only afterwards that a reader feels their sting.

Fiona Sampson - In The New Statesman 5 April , 2019

Now We Shall Be Entirely Free

Published in August 2018, this is the story of John Lacroix, cavalry officer, musician and fugitive. Set during the Spring and Summer of 1809 and shifting from Somerset to the Outer Hebrides, we follow the disgraced Lecroix in his attempt to recover peace of mind in a place he will not be known. We also follow his pursuers, two men charged with a secret mission to find Lacroix and deliver summary justice. But what if the men who pursue have more blood on their hands than the one they are hunting? 

'In his luminous prose...Andrew Miller conjures up three very different men, but their experiences have all been traumatising. Manhunt and pilgrimage, the tale unfolds into a gripping and, ultimately, surprising exploration of the inner battleground.'

Elizabeth Buchan in the Daily Mail 

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Publication date: August 2018
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Told in his usual exquisite prose, the story centres on the strangely reticent character of Maud, who leaves the West Country after a tragedy and bravely attempts to single-handedly sail across the Atlantic. You know you're going to like a character when, in the first few pages, she falls 20ft in a boatyard, then gets up

— Sarah Hall, Observer 25 January , 2017

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